The Paranormal




"99% of all paranormal miracles are phony--but that 1% will change the world."
--Celestial Rose Moon, Dante Wilson and The Well of Souls

"It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity."
--Albert Einstein

“All that's necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
--Edmund Burke

After the death of his daughter, Tara, author Dennis James Browne wrote a biography about her titled, The Reptile and The Rose. In this book, Professor Browne explains that for several years after Tara died, he researched a wide range of subjects, trying to determine for himself if there is any scientific evidence that either proves or disproves the existence of an afterlife and a Supreme Being.

What he discovered shocked him. Not only does such evidence exist, it's overwhelming and growing every year.

But what does all this have to do with the paranormal? Today the main purpose of paranormal phenomena seems to be providing us with scary, amusing entertainment.

Professor Browne thinks the importance of paranormal phenomena goes far beyond entertainment, and it plays an important role in the answer to the following question:

Is mankind growing spiritually, or dying spiritually?

The answer is obvious: Mankind is dying spiritually.

In the few years that have passed since the death of his daughter, Professor Browne has seen an alarming deterioration in the morality of our political leaders. During the banking scandal of the 1980’s, almost a thousand bankers were sentenced to prison, but following the collapse and scandal of 2008, not a single banker or Wall Street principal went to jail.

What's the reason for this?

Most of our founding fathers would never have dreamed of putting their own interests above those of the American people. But today our leaders act as if “Greed is good,” is the only rule they live by, and as a result, the American people are being governed by grasping, selfish leaders without decency or compassion.

Millions of unemployed Americans battle for jobs that pay starvation wages while Republicans and Democrats alike who have been bought and paid for by corporate interests, keep robbing from the poor and giving to the rich. Big corporations are posting record profits, and receive billions of dollars in tax breaks--all while still outsourcing millions of American jobs to places like China, Mexico and India.

And in the meantime, the American middle class and the poor are paying the price for our politicians' shameless demands for “shared sacrifice” and “fiscal responsibility,” which translates into deeper cuts for education, teachers, policemen and firemen benefits—while the rich and large corporations receive even more tax breaks.

Recently, religious leaders who realize how criminal our government has become came to Washington to protest some of Congress' most flagrantly evil acts--budget cuts for the poor, elderly and handicapped--but they were quickly arrested, and no one even noticed.

But again, what does all this have to do with paranormal phenomena?

Professor Browne feels that if we accept all the growing scientific evidence that proves a Supreme Being and afterworlds exist where those who lead good lives are rewarded, and those who lead evil lives are punished, most of us are likely to have second thoughts about some of our selfish actions.

But if we keep on ignoring this critically important evidence, we will continue to be prey for rapacious leaders and a malignantly growing corporate machine, and the destiny of mankind will be sealed, either by fire or ice.

In short, he feels that the importance of this evidence is that it it is the key to our spiritual growth and freeing ourselves from our addiction to the selfishness, greed and materialism that are destroying the world.

Recently, one of Professor Browne's students confessed to his class that she was a recovering addict who was taking part in the Twelve-Step program. This program has helped millions of addicts by calling on a higher power that gives them strength to free themselves from their addiction...

Professor Browne listened to this student's confession--until he suddenly realized that we all need a Twelve-Step program to free ourselves from our lifelong addiction to getting rich, buying expensive things, and becoming famous--and even worse, worshiping those who are rich and powerful, but are destroying our lives and the world itself.

And to make matters even worse, not only have we abandoned our reflective, spiritual ties with the earth and all its beautiful species, but we are destroying many of these species and the earth itself, mainly with fossil fuel pollution.

Professor Browne therefore has no doubt that all of this paranormal evidence taken together--which confirms the scientific existence of a higher power and not one, but several afterlife dimensions—is the most important scientific discovery of all time, and unless we accept this evidence and change our spiritual values as quickly as possible, as Rose Moon puts it, “something very bad will come our way.”

--But if this is all this paranormal evidence is so important, why haven’t scientists accepted it?

The answer can be found in something else that's fading from our lives--the lessons of history. Since the beginning of civilization, scientists have viciously attacked every great new discovery because its violates their own sacred scientific dogma.

As Arthur Schopenhauer put it--

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

While the vast majority of all paranormal "miracleworkers" are frauds, in The Natural History of Stupidity, Paul Tabor points out that science itself is often the greatest obstacle to human progress when great authentic discoveries occur:

"How much did mankind pay for the stupidity of doubt? If all useful and important inventions would have been introduced without the carping and the obstructionism of the stupidly skeptical (for there is, of course, healthy and commendable doubt, too) we would have had a smallpox vaccine long before Jenner, steamboats before Fulton and airplanes decades before the Wright brothers. Sometimes the stupidity of greed and the stupidity of doubt combine in unholy alliance--as in the case when a big combine buys up an invention threatening its monopoly and suppresses it for years, perhaps forever...

In short, if paranormal evidence that proves the existence of an afterlife had been recognized and studied decades ago, it would today be considered just another legitimate field of science—but that hasn’t happened.

And there are several other important reasons why establishment scientists will always attack paranormal phenomena.

One of the most important reasons is that most scientists are materialists who swear by the scientific method, which allows them to repeat an experment in a laboratory until it either proves or disproves a hypothesis. However, paranormal phenomena—especially those directed by human spirits—aren’t likely to show up in a laboratory to jump through hoops whenever a scientist snaps his fingers.

In the case of these phenomena, the scientific method does not apply, which means that a completely new way of thinking and methodology is required for research in these areas, and that’s something that most scientists will never accept because it violates their most sacred scientific dogma.

Professor Browne also believes that instead of having a positive, adventurous attitude toward new possibilities, mainstream scientists slam the door on the unknown with a dogmatic blindness that borders on religious fanaticism.

Therefore, as mainstream scientists once scoffed at invisible x-rays, ultraviolet waves and dozens of other unseen energy waves in the cosmic ether, this critically important paranormal evidence still remains the object of scorn and ridicule by the scientific establishment.

Here are a few recent examples of how blind scientists and other "experts" have obstructed human progress throughout the ages.

The Light Bulb

"Such startling announcements as these should be deprecated as being unworthy of science and mischievous to its true progress."
--Sir Williams Siemens, famous German engineer, on Edison's light bulb, 1880

"Everyone acquainted with the subject will recognize it as a conspicuous failure."
--Henry Morton, president of the Stevens Institue of Technology, on Edison's light bulb, 1880.

The Airplane

"Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible."
--Lord Kelvin, British mathematician and physicist, president of the British Royal Society.

"Flight by machines heavier than air is impractical and insignificant, if not utterly impossible."
--Simon Newcomb, Canadian-American mathematician and astronomer. Eighteen months later, the Wright brothers flew at Kittyhawk.


"A rocket will never be able to leave the Earth's atmosphere."
--The New York Times, 1936

"(Rocket bombs)... are too far-fetched to be considered."
--Editor of Scientific American, in a 1940 letter to Robert Goddard about Goddard's idea of a rocket-accelerated airplane bomb. Three years later, German V2 missiles rained down on London.


"As far as we know, the death of the body entails the death of psychological functions, consciousness, and/or the personality; and there is no reason to believe that ghosts hover and haunt and/or communicate with us."
--Paul Kurtz, chairman, Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSIOP), publisher of Skeptical Inquirer magazine.

"In 1977 a Filipino nurse, Teresita Basa, was brutally murdered in her apartment in Chicago, Illinois. Investigators found no clues and had no leads. Months later an acquaintance of the dead woman, Remy Chua, walked into the police station and told investigators that for several nights she had been possessed by the ghost of Teresita Basa, who told her husband that the murderer was Allen Showery, and his girlfriend still had her jewelry. The police knew Showery had a bad rap sheet, called him in for questioning and showed him Teresita Basa's pearl ring that they'd recovered from his girlfriend. Stunned, Showery broke down and confessed to the murder, but during the trial changed his plea to not guilty on the grounds that the testimony of a ghost was inadmissible evidence. Both the judge and jury disagreed. He was sentenced him to fourteen years in prison. The decision created quite a stir in legal circles because it was the first case on record in which the chief witness for the prosecution was a ghost."
--The State of Illinois vs. Allen Showery, 1979

In fact, Thomas Kuhn, author of the landmark work, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, sets forth an important law of human nature that states as follows:

"Every great scientific breakthrough is violently attacked by the scientific establishment and will never be accepted until the entire generation dies off and the truth is passed on to a younger, more open-minded generation."

Bertrand Russell takes Kuhn's law one step further by stating an even more alarming law of human nature:

"The resistance to new ideas increases by the mathematical square of their importance."

This means that because it is the most important discovery in history, paranormal evidence that proves the existence of a Surpreme Being and several afterlife dimensions will face violent resistance from blind scientists and other "experts," no matter how compelling the evidence.

And as Paul Tabor also points out, there's also another reason for this fierce resistance. If the darkness were lifted from our eyes, and we realize that material riches, great wealth, fame and fortune are nothing compared to simple decency and compassion--and good people are rewarded for leading good lives, and evil men are punished for their evil ways in a scientifically verifiable (and thoroughly unpleasant) new world after death, we would no longer blindly obey the laws , "Survival of the fittest," and "Greed is good."

--And this of course is simply something our materialistic rulers simply cannot afford to have us believe because a) we would no longer worship them and their greedy ways, and b) we would no longer buy their flashy, pointless toys that become obsolete before we can pay for them.

Professor Browne therefore offers you these examples from his years of research after the death of his daughter—famous paranormal phenomena that have been confirmed by hundreds, if not thousands of witnesses, scientists and other prominent leaders. These events are documented beyond any reasonable doubt--indisputable evidence that paranormal powers, an afterlife and a Supreme Being really do exist...

And as William James pointed out, only one of these incidents (out of millions more not reported here) has to be true to prove the existence of an afterlife.

If after reading about these amazing incidents, you still believe that survival of the fittest is the only law in life because once we die, we all disppear into oblivion, Professor Browne would like to ask you one last question...

What if you're wrong?

Famous Men Who Changed Their Minds About
the Paranormal

Harvard Professor William James
Columbia Professor James H. Hyslop

What would happen if two of America's brightest, most respected university professors announced to the world that they had indisputable scientific evidence that proves the existence of life after death?

That's exactly what happened with Harvard Professor William James, a world famous American psychologist and philosopher, and Columbia University Professor of Logic and Ethics, James H. Hyslop, author of the book, Life After Death, in which he flatly states that blind skeptics should simply be excluded from any discussion about the paranormal:

"I regard the existence of discarnate spirits as scientifically proved and I no longer refer to the skeptic as having any right to speak on the subject. Any man who does not accept the existence of discarnate spirits and the proof of it is either ignorant or a moral coward. I give him short shrift, and do not propose any longer to argue with him on the supposition that he knows anything about the subject.''

Leonora Piper was one of the most famous legitimate mediums of the nineteenth century. As Ms. Piper's reputation grew, the Briitish Society for Psychical Research, a group of blind skeptics masquerading as objective researchers, dispatched their chief pit bull, Dr. Richard Hodgson, to America to discredit Ms. Piper. He dogged her day and night, took away her morning newspapers, attended her séances, even set up his own séances with over a hundred of his own volunteers, but he could still find no evidence of fraud. Incredibly, as the evidence for Ms. Piper's powers grew, Hodgson and the SPR claimed that she wasn't really communicating with the dead, but was reading the minds of her subjects!

In other words, the Society was using one paranormal power--mind-reading, that they claim didn’t exist--to discredit another paranormal power, communicating with the dead, that they also claimed didn’t exist. Such was the irrationality of some of Britain's top scientists--a favorite "scientific" explanation that blind critics still use to this day.

The Hodgson-Piper marathon lasted for years. Hodgson remained a hardcore skeptic throughout his investigation until the sudden death of one of his close friends, George Pellew. Then, to Hodgson's shocked disbelief, Pellew suddenly became Leonora Piper's control spirit. Hodgson immediately asked Pellew's spirit so many questions and received so much accurate information in return that he was finally, painfully, forced to file a report to the Society for Psychical Research that admitted that his previous reports were wrong. As pointed out by Ms. Piper's biographer-daughter, Alta Piper:

"During the latter years of (Hodgson's) investigation I more than once heard Dr. Hodgson say, ruefully, that his armor had never quite recovered from the shock it received when he found himself forced to accept unreservedly the genuineness of the so-called 'Piper phenomena'."

This epic battle concluded until Hodgson died suddenly at the age of 50--and then he too became one of Leonora Piper's control spirits!

The SPR investigation of Leonora Piper lasted fourteen years and was joined not only by Richard Hodgson, but an entire team of the most brilliant, skeptical scientists of the time, including Professor William James, Professor James Hyslop and many others. These men were extremely skeptical of mediums and were at first reluctant to even visit Ms. Piper because they openly considered her to be another fraud. They often disguised themselves during a seance, or said nothing, but Ms. Piper still managed to convey to all of them information from dead spirit relatives and friends that she could not possibly have known. Every one of these critics conceded that there was no evidence of fraud and the best explanation for the Piper phenomena is that life after death is a scientific fact. As such, Leonora Piper stands as the most closely examined and thoroughly tested medium in history.

Professor William James finally made his famous comment that in order to totally destroy the claim that there is no afterlife, all that's necessary is to find exactly one real ghost: "In order to disprove the law that all crows are black, it is enough to find one white crow. My white crow is Leonora Piper."

But nobody seemed to notice, nobody seemed to care.

Pope Pius XII

In 1952 an Italian priest named Father Pellegrino Ernetti accidentally tape recorded the voice of his dead father, who called him a childhood nickname only the two of them could have possibly known. The priest was so troubled by this incident that he met with Pope Pius XII, who shocked him by saying:

"You really need not worry about this. The existence of this voice is strictly a scientific fact...The recorder is totally objective. It receives and records sound waves from wherever they come. This experiment may perhaps become the cornerstone for a building for scientific studies which will strengthen people's faith in a hereafter."

Obviously Pope Pius XII was a lot wiser and more open-minded than most scientists—but here we are today, over a half century since this recording took place, and scientists still refuse to even consider this evidence, even though it is growing each year and there have been literally millions of voices of departed souls recorded by thousands of ghost hunter clubs and other researchers around the world.

The President of Brazil

Carmine (Carlos) Mirabelli was born in 1889 and died in an automobile accident in 1951. In many ways this paranormal miracle worker was even more amazing than England's D.D. Home, but because the United States and Britain didn't consider his native country, Brazil, to be in their own scientific league, his feats remain largely unrecognized to this day.

As a teenager Mirabelli was thrown into an asylum because objects started flying around in his presence and he kept hearing voices. Luckily, he devised a clever way to prove that he was sane: he started producing actual three-dimensional bodies of dead people in his cell. Word of these miracles spread and he was soon released--but the entire country was in such an uproar over this miracle worker that in 1927, Washington Luis, the President of Brazil, appointed a special Academy of Psychic Studies to investigate his paranormal powers. For decades after that scientists, professors, politicians, businessmen, religious leaders and thousands of other skeptics took part in literally thousands of sittings in brightly lit rooms or in broad daylight, often with Mirabelli tied or chained to a chair. Here are only a few of those documented paranormal miracles:

• One time the physician in charge of investigating Mirabelli, Dr. Rivalino de Xavier, spoke with the spirit of his departed mother for almost an hour. Another time a top medical specialist examined the physical embodiment of a departed friend—a drowned bishop—by actually touching parts of his body and taking his pulse before he dematerialized.

• While in a trance, Mirabelli also spoke dozens of different languages through spirits, and wrote hundreds of pages in Japanese, Persian, Chinese and Czech and many other languages on a wide range of subjects such as jurisprudence, politics and military tactics—all of which were far beyond the ability of the nearly illiterate Carlos Mirabelli.

• Finally, Mirabelli actually went on tour, performing his paranormal miracles in broad daylight before thousands of witnesses, including the President of Brazil and other members of the government, as well as scores of doctors, engineers, scientists, businessmen and religious leaders--but Since American and British scientists had such a low opinion of Brazilian scientists, Mirabelli's achievements were ridiculed and ignored.

Then in 1930 a highly skeptical American journalist, Eric Dingwall, traveled to Brazil to study the alleged miracle worker, and he concluded his work with these remarks:

"Frankly staggering to the intellect...It would be easy to condemn the man as a monstrous fraud and the witnesses as equally monstrous fools, but I don't think such a hypothesis will even help the person who makes it."

In an attempt to discredit decades of Mirabelli's miracles that are on record in Brazil, after his death a strange phony, touched up photograph appeared, showing Mirabelli floating above a chair--in a notorious smear campaign that lasts to this day, blind skeptics have planted this single phony photograph on websites around the world to discredit Mirabelli's entire career.

But the fact remains--Carlos Mirabelli was the least known, best documented and most amazing medium of the twentieth century.

Mahatma Gandhi
Shanti Devi

The legitimate study of reincarnation has come a long way in the last forty years because of one man, Dr. Ian Stevenson. In 1966, Dr. Stevenson published Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation, a study of twenty children who had been reincarnated. The word “Suggestive” was a euphemism used in the title to protect his professorship at a university. If the title read--as it should—Twenty Cases of Reincarnation, Dr. Stevenson would very probably have suffered a serious backlash from the scientific community and others. But since this landmark work, many other cases of reincarnation have been documented, and here is one of the most famous cases that proves beyond any doubt that life after death is a scientific fact

In India, around the age of four, Shanti Devi began to speak of herself as a woman named Lugdi who lived with her husband and several children in the village of Mathura. The child spoke in great detail about her past life, from the house she lived in to the food she ate. The child stated in school that she was married and had died ten days after having giving birth to a child. Eventually interviewed by her teacher and headmaster, she used words from the Mathura dialect and divulged the name of her merchant husband, "Kedar Nath". The headmaster located a merchant by that name in Mathura who had lost his wife, Lugdi Devi, nine years earlier, ten days after having given birth to a son. Kedar Nath traveled to Delhi, pretending to be his brother, but Shanti Devi immediately recognized him and Lugdi Devi's son. As she knew several details of Kedar Nath's life with his wife, he was soon convinced that Shanti Devi was indeed the reincarnation Lugdi Devi. When Mahatma Gandhi heard about the case, he met the child and set up a commission to investigate. The commission traveled with Shanti Devi to Mathura, arriving on November 15, 1935. There she recognized several family members, including the grandfather of Lugdi Devi. She found out that Kedar Nath had neglected to keep a number of promises he had made to Lugdi Devi on her deathbed. She then traveled home with her parents. The commission's report concluded that Shanti Devi was indeed the reincarnation of Lugdi Devi.

For years after that Shanti Devi was investigated by hundreds of critics, prominent public figures and researchers from all over the world. One critic who had traveled thousands of miles to expose the child as a fake finally concluded his investigation with this comment:

"This is the only fully explained and proven case of reincarnation there has ever been."

Yet despite this case and literally hundreds more like it, mainstream scientists continue to completely turn their backs on every single documented case of reincarnation as evidence of an afterlife.

Napoleon III
Sir William Crookes

Donald Dunglas Hume (pronounced hyoom), was the most famous medium in British-American history. He was born in Scotland in 1833 and moved to America where his aunt adopted him. As a young boy Home started displaying his amazing psychic powers almost immediately—powers that he often couldn't control. He accurately predicted the death of his mother, but when loud raps were heard in the middle of the night and furniture started moving around with no one in sight, his aunt threw him out of the house. He moved to England in his early twenties, almost immediately became one of the most famous men in the world, but then at the age of forty, he suddenly retired because of failing health, which adversely affected his powers.

Home openly stated that he thought most mediums were frauds, refused to associate with them, and harshly criticized any séances held in the dark. Because he believed his powers were a special gift, Home never accepted any money for his séances. For most of his life he lived as a guest in the homes of the rich and famous, and also relied on their generosity for financial support. His feats are legendary, not so much for his contact with the dead, but for the wide variety of his powers, which he believed were caused by human spirits often beyond his control.

Home not only had the ability to manifest physical projections of the dead, but hundreds of witnesses also saw him levitate, play musical instruments at a distance, and place his hands—even his face—in red-hot coals in broad daylight and well-lit rooms, and when he handed these same glowing coals to guests, they too became instantly immune to injury.

He could also make musical instruments play without touching them, and even make the hands of dead people appear, which he did in 1857 in front of Napoleon III and his empress, Eugénie. The Empress reached out and touched the floating hand of a dead man that Home had conjured, which she immediately recognized as belonging to her dead father because of a deformed finger.

The greatest testimony to Home's short, but amazing career is that he was never once caught cheating, even though many people tried.

Donald Dunglas Home not only considered other mediums to be fakes, but he openly invited scientists, magicians and other skeptics to observe his séances in broad daylight under strict controls. In fact, after hearing about Homes' levitation at Lord Adare's house, one of the most famous scientists in the world, Sir William Crookes, who later became president of the Royal Society, volunteered to closely study Home, which he did for the next two years. Crookes devised a number of clever devices to make sure that Home wasn't cheating. First, he set one end of a mahogany board on a table, and the opposite end on a spring scale suspended from a tripod. The scale indicated that in this position the board weighed exactly three pounds. As Crooks looked on, Home lightly touched the end of the board that rested on the table—which at best should have caused the opposite end that rested on the scale to rise—but in fact the board actually dropped, measuring a pull of as much as nine pounds on the scale! This experiment was repeated many times with the same results, often without Home even touching the board.

In another experiment, Crookes placed an accordion in a closed cage and asked Home to make it play. Home fared better than expected. He took the closed cage, placed it on the lap of the person sitting next to him, and then made the accordion play.

After his two-year study, Sir Crookes was convinced that Home possessed extraordinary powers that should be immediately investigated by the scientific community. But when he submitted his report on Home to the Royal Society, the secretary not only immediately suppressed it, he also turned down Crooke's invitation to personally witness some of Home's amazing psychic feats. When word of Sir Crooks' report on Home spread, he was so harshly criticized by his fellow scientists that by the time he was elected president of the Royal Society he had returned to the fold, never again to mention the subject of mediums in public.

Dr. William Crookall
Allan Kardec

The famous twentieth century British scientist, Dr. Robert Crookall, and a brilliant nineteenth century French educator by the name of Allan Kardec are unique in the history of afterlife research because they were the first to use scientific protocols in sifting through thousands of reputable sources to compile consistent views of life after death. And even though the research sources that each man used were completely different and they lived a hundred years apart in different countries, their two portraits of the afterlife are remarkably similar.

The Supreme Adventure by Dr. Robert Crookall is a brilliant scientist's exhaustive collection of evidence that confirms the existence of an afterlife, but the reader should be forewarned that this study is so heavily documented and footnoted that at times it reads like a doctoral dissertation, and most of the work details with evidence relating to man's transition from death to the afterlife. Only the last few chapters deal with glimpses of the new worlds after death.

In the 1961 edition of The Supreme Adventure, Dr. Crookall points out that most of the rambling information we receive from afterlife spirits through channelers or mediums is due to the fact that the vast majority of the spirits in contact with these people are souls of harmless, prankish, or even malicious intelligence with no special powers or purpose except to make a personal playground of communicating with their human contacts:

"All except a small number of the 'dead' are as ignorant as are men on earth. That is why so many séances are disappointing...There is, in the atmosphere of the earth, an innumerable crowd of wandering, desolate souls who watch for any 'light' on earth, the light of a spiritual psychic, and who rush in whirling throngs to a spot where a possibility of manifesting themselves occurs." (W.T. Snead, Communication with the Next World)

From literally thousands of mediumistic and other documented experiences with disincarnate spirits, these two researchers also arrive at a consistent picture of the afterlife in which there are three distinct worlds, each of which is closely linked to the vibratory level of light waves: 1) the bleak gray "winterland" world close to earth, populated by condemned spirits of the lowest vibratory level who appear "reddish-gray" in color; 2) a much brighter, paradise-like "summerland" world of light and joy adjacent to the gray world that consists of "gray-blue to bright blue" souls who have led decent lives here on earth, and 3) an even brighter, more spiritually advanced heavenly world, consisting of spirits that are "white to golden-white" in appearance. Above these planes of existence is the world of the Ultimate Light in which God alone exists.

The bleak "winterland" world closest to earth is a place inhabited by spirits that fall into two main groups: the first consists of recently deceased, mostly well-intentioned beings of average intelligence in transition to higher planes of existence, while the second group consists of spirits that are trapped in this desolate region as a result of their own making. Many of these souls aren't necessarily bad, but are still so materialistically obsessed with worldly joys and physical things that they still cling to the earthly regions, completely blind to the heavenly joys within their grasp if only they would change their own minds. Still others in this category include malicious, selfish spirits that remain as angry and stupid after death as they were in life; the spirits of suicides, rapists, murderers and tyrants who for many lifetimes must seek atonement from each and every one of their victims--a thought many of them find so infuriating that they indefinitely condemn themselves to a hell of their own making.

Advanced spirits that dwell in the summerland/heavenly worlds are on occasion allowed by God to lower their bodily vibrations and pass through the dense, lower winterland regions in order to communicate with human beings on special missions. However, this is not an easy process, as pointed out by Dr. Crookall:

"...Discarnate souls who are in relatively 'high spheres' cannot contact mankind unless they 'gather gross material from the lower planes' and...this 'material' affects both the body and the mind of the would-be communicator--it subdues the 'bright emanations' of his Soul Body and has a 'heavy, choking exhausting it can reach those outside its own orbit of life.'" (p. 225, The Supreme Adventure)

Dr. Crookall and many others conclude that "probably 99 out of every 100" spirits in contact with the living are mediocre beings from the lowest level of afterlife existence--and many of these spirits are out to intentionally mislead and deceive the living for their own entertainment. Often mediums and channelers who are themselves of average intelligence and spiritual development forget this basic rule and are deceived by spiritual tricksters who proclaim themselves to be famous historical figures, prophets, saints or even God. Still other mediums who expect their spiritual controls to appear and perform on cue may suddenly find themselves alone, subject to the ridicule of their audience, and if they try to bluff their way through a performance, are likely to create even more problems.

A brilliant Frenchman, Leon-Denizarth-Hippolyte Rival, better known by his pen name, Allan Kardec (1804-1869), became a prominent educator who was extremely skeptical about the medium craze that was sweeping through Europe. Eventually, however, after personally experiencing several spirit communications, he was asked to write a study from a collection of dozens of notebooks, transcripts and other records by several famous mediums. Not only does the educator Kardec present his work in a simple, convincing manner, but he also supplemented his findings by asking spirits his own analytical questions about the afterlife. He collected and compared all this dialogue in two publications, Le Livre des Mediums (The Mediums' Book) and Le Livre des Esprits (The Spirits' Book). The spirit guides in these books define religion in a very convincing, common sense way and they send a clear, strong message that we should lead lives that are as charitable and unselfish as possible toward others who are less fortunate. Both books have been published in more than twenty-five editions and are still widely read in over forty countries.

Allen Kardec’s writings have had such a strong impact on his readers that he’s the only paranormal researcher in history whose work started a major spiritual movement that has spread throughout the world. Kardecism, or kardecismo, has grown so large that today it rivals Catholicism in Brazil and the Philippines. Kardecism isn’t a religious movement, but a philosophy, or a way of life. Kardecists have no priests or ministers and do not follow any religious rituals in their meetings. They do not call their meeting places churches, temples or mosques, but centers, societies and associations. Their activities consist mainly of helping others, healing the sick and the poor and organizing charitable missions. Although in some quarters the words "spiritism" and "spiritualism" have become dirty words thanks to the powerful spin machines of organized religions and others, believers in kardecismo in Brazil have helped millions of the poor and have set up hospitals in which physicians receive little if any salary and accept all patients, regardless of race or ability to pay.

One of Kardec's most famous followers was Chico Xavier, long considered Brazil's greatest spiritual leader and most respected medium. Barely educated, Xavier used his gifts only to help others for no personal gain, and during his lifetime published over 400 books, the substantial proceeds of which he gave to charity. These books, written by spirits on a wide range of subjects, include poetry by famous deceased Brazilian poets--poetry so accurate that a widow of one of the dead poets actually sued Xavier for royalty payments. (The case was thrown out.) In 1981 and 1982 Xavier was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and Islamic, Jewish and Christian leaders paid him the highest tributes. Xavier lived a life of virtual self-imposed poverty, and when he died in June, 2002, his funeral was attended by hundreds of thousands of Brazilians and mourners from all over the world.

Seven of the Most Famous, Best Documented Paranormal Events in History

The Cambridge Cross Correspondences

Imagine that you have two friends and all of you are trying to prove that there is life after death. All three of you die within a few years of each other. If all three of you still exist after you died, how would you prove once and for all to living mortals that life after death is a scientific fact? This question leads us to one of the most famous medium and ghost stories in history-- The Cambridge Cross Correspondences.

In 1882 three, Henry Sidgwick, Edmund Gurney and W.H. Myers were responsible for organizing the British Society for Psychical Research that investigated life after death phenomena. All three men died within three years of each other, Gurney in 1888, Sidgwick in 1900, and Myers in 1901.

However, soon after these three men died, their spirits contacted the famous American medium, Leonora Piper, through automatic writing, during which Ms. Piper fell into a trance-like state and allowed one of the men to guide her pen across a blank page. The spirits of the three deceased friends told Ms. Piper that they would prove to the world once and for all that there is a new world after death. This evidence would come in the form of puzzles, the pieces of which would be given to different mediums spread throughout the world. Each piece of the puzzle would make made no sense by itself, but when combined with others, all the pieces would form a complete work like Plato's Symposium.

The spirits of Sidgewick, Gurney and Myers then began communicating the pieces of their different puzzles to about a dozen unrelated mediums from different countries. For the next sixteen years, the three spirits communicated through this network of mediums to produce fragments, which were then collected and assembled into complete puzzles--famous works in English and foreign languages unknown to the mediums; these fragments only made sense when combined with other fragments to form a complete poem or other work.

One noted researcher, Colin Wilson, said this about the Cambridge Cross Correspondences:

"The Cross Correspondences are among the most convincing evidence that exists for life after death. They prove beyond all doubt that Myers, Gurney and Sidgwick went on communicating after death."

The Electronic Voice Phenomena Test at Pye Records

In 1971 an Electronic Voice Phenomena researcher and electronics engineer by the name of Dr. Constantine Raudive agreed to conduct a tightly controlled scientific test at the headquarters of Pye Records in Germany. The engineers had a special soundproof recording lab that shut out all external radio and television signals. They then set up a device that could communicate with the dead, which was developed by Raudive. The test lasted only eighteen minutes, and the engineers who monitored the test heard no voice other than Dr. Raudive speaking into the microphone, but when they played the tape back they heard over two hundred voices, twenty-seven of which came through loud and clear. One of the witnesses even recognized the voice of a friend who had recently passed away. The same test was repeated a few days later in another soundproof lab and was supervised by an expert in electronic screen suppression and a top physicist. The results were the same.

The results of these important scientific tests at Pye Records were published in a book titled Breakthrough, which left a lasting impression on practically no one.

Today there are thousands of ghost hunter clubs throughout the world that visit cemeteries with tape records to hear voices of the dead. Incredibly, however, these ghost hunters seem to enjoy these voices only for their thrill value instead of realizing that they're actual evidence for an afterlife.

To claim, as mainstream scientists do, that every single one of these millions of taped voices of spirits from all over the world is a fake is only another harsh indictment of their own scientific blindness.

The Scole Experiment

The Scole Experiment is one of the most recent major attempts to contact afterlife beings under tight scientific controls. The data collected through photographic film, videotape film, physical materializations and eyewitness reports adds substantial credibility to the growing body of irrefutable afterlife evidence.

Scole is the name of a small town in northern England. In 1993 a small group of friends gathered in a dark room of a Scole farmhouse and attempted to make contact with spirits from the afterlife. After several months a member of the group fell into a trance and through her a spirit that identified itself as Manu spoke to the group for the first time. Before the spirit departed, a loud thud was heard coming from the table. The lights were turned on and lying on the table was a mint condition Churchill Crown, materialized from nowhere. During the next months there followed many distinct images on sealed photographic film, more physical materializations and other information so convincing that the group decided to open up their experiment to a wide range of scientists, professors, engineers and other experts from NASA, various European universities, and privately funded research bodies. Under strict protocols, the vast majority of these investigators confirmed the findings of The Scole Experiment.

This landmark experiment presents the same type of rigorous scientific scrutiny that D.D. Home, Leonora Piper and Carlos Mirabelli were subjected to years before by the most hardcore skeptics of their day, but The Scole Experiment offered new technological wrinkles, some with very bizarre results. The researchers took rolls of undeveloped 35-millimeter camera film—the rolls were completely factory-sealed and there was no camera—and placed them on the table during their séances. When the film was developed, a variety of distinct images appeared, including long-dead historical figures, star clusters, ancient scripts and even hieroglyphics, all of which remain part of the record. The spirit contacts then invited group members to introduce videotape recorders, and a whole new series of often bizarre afterlife images appeared on film, including a creature named Blue, a middle-aged man floating in a bubble, and another man in a Russian fur hat. In addition, the group witnessed many odd phenomena, including flashing lights, the physical materializations of over fifty small objects, including rings, a bracelet, a silver thimble and a St. Christopher medallion.

Over a period of five years the The Scole Experiment was witnessed by dozens of the world's most reputable scientific experts—NASA astrophysicists, engineers, mathematicians, even highly skeptical members of The Society for Psychical Research, who rarely if ever acknowledge the existence of any paranormal phenomena; these witnesses excluded the possibility of fraud and certified that there was no explanation for what they saw. Furthermore, the Scole Experiment was independently repeated in six different countries.

In 1998 for some unknown reason the Scole spirits withdrew and the experiment was over. Today many of the scientists who witnessed this experiment are carrying on similar work throughout the world.

The Kimberly Clark Near Death Experience

A patient named Maria recovered from a heart attack and told Dr. Kimberly Clark that while she lying on the operating table, she found herself floating up to the third floor of the hospital where she saw a blue tennis shoe on an outside window ledge. Curious, Dr. Clark checked every outside window ledge on the third floor and eventually found a blue tennis shoe--exactly like the one described by Maria while she was clinically dead. Unless Maria's spirit had actually left her physical body when she was clinically dead, it was impossible that she would have known where the tennis show was..

The Kimberly Clark incident is only one of hundreds of similar near death experiences with verifiable evidence that proves the energy matrix we commonly call a soul survives death, and even though physicians today have finally accepted near death experiences as a part of the medical record, they still refuse to accept the important spiritual implications of these paranormal phenomena

The Miracle of Vittorio Michelli

In 1962 a man named Vittorio Michelli had a malignant tumor. When doctors in Verona x-rayed his hip and saw that his entire hipbone was eaten away by the tumor, they sent him home to die. Instead he made a trip to the famous "miracle" springs at Lourdes, a famous religious shrine noted for its miracuolous healing qualities, and when he stepped into the waters, he immediately felt a strange heat coursing throughout his entire body. Later, after he returned home, the tumor began disappearing, and after a few more weeks something even more miraculous happened: his entire hipbone started reappearing—and all of this progress was meticulously recorded by a doctor’s x-rays. The disappearance of the tumor is one thing, but spontaneous regeneration of human bone is simply unheard of in modern science.

Over many years, the Catholic Church has assembled a list of similar miracles that have been closely scrutinized by teams of medical specialists and other experts throughout the world and have been certified as being authentic and above the laws of nature.

The Jansenists

Following the death of one of their leaders, Father Francois de Paris in 1727, members of a heretical group of Catholics called Jansenists started gathering at his grave and began performing thousands of miraculous acts of healing, ranging from cancerous tumors to blindness.

Both the Catholic Church and Louis XV saw the Jansenists as a threat to their power, but when investigators confirmed the miracles as fact, the Church had no choice but to declare them the work of the devil, and when Louis XV tried to close the cemetery where Father de Paris was buried, Voltaire dryly commented, “God is fobidden by order of the King to perform any more miracles in the cemetery of Saint-Medard.”

But the miracles continued--and for public officials matters got even worse. Religious ecstasies not only seemed to spread like wildfire among the Jansenists, but while in the grip of these frenzies, they were seized by strange spasms that earned them the name convulsionaires. In this state some followers also seemed to acquire clairvoyant powers while others levitated. Strangest of all, however, while in this convulsive state the Jansenists became completely indestructible, letting the strongest men try to strangle them, spear them, burn them, hammer iron nails through their stomachs, pound their bodies hundreds of times with sledge-hammers, and drop heavy stone weights from high overhead directly onto their bodies--all with no signs of physical injury. When the King sent a company of men to the cemetery to destroy the followers, they failed miserably, and the officer in command fled to England to write about the experience.

There were so many witnesses, and so much written about these phenomena, which lasted for decades, that the Scottish philosopher, David Hume wrote in his Philosophical Essays

“There surely never was so great a number of miracles ascribed to one person as those which were lately said to have been wrought in France upon the tomb of Abbe Paris. Many of the miracles were immediately proven on the spot, before judges of unquestioned credit and distinction, in a learned age, and on the most eminent theatre that is now in the world.”

Even a member of the French Parliament, Basil Carre de Montgeron, witnessed so many of these miracles that they eventually took up four thick volumes, which he published in 1737 under the name, La Verite des Miracles

Today The Catholic Encyclopedia also has something to say about the Jansenist miracles:

“But what was more astonishing was that their bodies, subjected during the crises to all sorts of painful tests, seemed at once insensible and invulnerable; they were not wounded by the sharpest instruments, or bruised by enormous weights or blows of incredible violence...Critically speaking, the authenticity of some extraordinary phenomena is beyond question, as they took place publicly and in the presence of reliable witnesses.”

Ed Leedskalnin and Coral Castle

A Latvian immigrant who settled in Florida unlocked one of the universal energy field’s most prized treasures: the secret of anti-gravity. He single-handedly built an entire castle of coral stones weighing an average of six tons each--twice the weight of the blocks in Egypt's Great Pyramid at Giza.

Edward Leedskalnin stood five feet tall, weighed a hundred pounds and had only a fourth grade education. But he read extensively about magnetic fields and cosmic forces and eventually came to the conclusion that modern science was completely wrong about electricity and magnetic fields. To prove his point, he alone began cutting and lifting huge coral blocks of stones weighing up to thirty tons. From 1920 to 1940 he built a complete castle as a tribute to his lost love, and when it was almost finished in Florida City, a development threatened his privacy and he single-handedly took the entire castle apart, transported it block-by-block to Homestead and rebuilt it again. One day several government military officials showed up at Leedskalnin's door and asked him how he could single-handedly move coral blocks weighing over thirty tons. Whatever Leedskalnin told them remains a mystery, but the officials left with no more information than when they arrived, and today Coral Castle stills stands as Florida's most baffling tourist attraction.

Ed Leedskalnin once said, "I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids. I have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons." A bulldozer can't even budge some of these coral blocks, but Ed Leedskalnin lifted them all by himself. He worked only in the dead of night by lantern light and fanatically guarded his secret. When he sensed someone was watching, he stopped his work. According to one account, "Some teenagers spying on him one evening claimed they saw him 'float coral blocks through the air like hydrogen balloons,' but no one took them seriously." Possibly the only credible account is that of a truck driver who was the only person known to ever help Leedskalnin. The driver was hired to help move the castle from Florida City to Homestead. Each morning he dropped off his truck and when he returned in the afternoon it would be loaded with coral blocks weighing several tons. One morning he forgot his lunch pail, went back to his truck to retrieve it and was shocked to see several of the huge blocks of coral already loaded on the truck. He recalls, "It was impossible to have stacked those gigantic blocks in under 30 minutes, even with a steam-powered derrick. And Ed had no equipment, just a simple tackle and chain hoist. Yet there they were, piled like cord wood."

It would have taken ancient laborers decades to duplicate this hundred pound immigrant's achievement, and even today with modern heavy equipment, it would still take years to build a Coral Castle. Contemporary engineers can only marvel at how a single man carved and moved over a million tons of coral blocks larger than those found in the Egyptian pyramids. The most plausible answer is that Ed Leedskalin had successfully manipulated the powers of the universal energy field to reveal one of its greatest treasures, anti-gravity, which he alludes to in two thin pamphlets he wrote on electricity and magnetism. Both these essays, written in fourth grade prose, can be found on the Internet, and they're an open challenge to anyone clever enough to unlock one of the greatest secrets in human history.