Bio Page

    Dennis James Browne graduated with honors with a 3.9 out of a 4.0 grade point average from the University of Wisconsin, where he was also a professor. Before finishing his doctorate, he left the academic world and became a stock broker and financial advisor. While analyzing limited partnerships, Mr. Browne became the founder a major surety bond in lieu of letters of credit program, which became one of the major financing sources for limited partnership notes. Mr. Brown then formed CPA II Financial Services, Inc., an investment banking boutique which became an exclusive agent for this program. CPA II financed over $1 billion in various real estate, oil & gas, thoroughbred and other projects under this program.

     In addition to the above businesses, Mr. Browne has written a biography of his daughter and several novels which appear at the website,, and he is also the inventor of the world's most compact life vest, the patented Swimmer's Safety Belt™ and The CO2 Safety Inflator™.

    Mr. Browne is presently a college professor in New Jersey.